Friday, 28 July 2017

Ubuntu Foundations Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2017-07-27

*July 27, 2017*

This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Foundations
Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects
the team may be working on.

If you would like to reach the Foundations team, you can find us at the
#ubuntu-devel channel on freenode.


* Brian Murray announced a change to the behavior of do-release-upgrade -d:

* OpenJDK 8 has been released with the 8u141 security patches

* Reliability issues in unattended-upgrades have been addressed:

* Netplan 0.25 has been released, including test fixes, IPv6 RA fixes, and
handling of MTUs with the NM backend

The State of the Archive

* The ocaml 4.04 transition is done

* Ubuntu 16.10 is now EOL

* python3.6 is now the default in artful

* The perl 5.26 transition has started in artful-proposed; expect delays in
package migrations while the autopkgtest runners work through the backlog
of related tests.

* The transition to gcc 7 as default will begin in early August.

Upcoming Ubuntu Dates

* 16.04.3 point release is scheduled for August 3, 2017

* 17.10 Feature Freeze - August 24, 2017

Weekly Meeting