Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Re: "git ubuntu clone": what tags do you expect to see locally?

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 6:24 PM, Michael Hudson-Doyle
<michael.hudson@canonical.com> wrote:
> On 11 August 2017 at 07:19, Robie Basak <robie.basak@ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> "git ubuntu clone <package>" is like "git clone", but also knows the URL
>> and some sensible default refspecs.
>> If you then run "git tag", which tags do you expect to have
>> automatically been fetched for you?
> I think I would expect to get all tags, but maybe I'm failing to grasp the
> number of tags you are talking about. Can you point to a repo on lp that has
> a worryingly large number of tags?

Define "worryingly large" :)

$ git ubuntu clone samba
$ git tag | wc -l
$ git branch -r | wc -l

The "correct" import for samba will actually have more tags, as we
will have a tag for every orig tarball in Debian and Ubuntu
(pkg/upstream/{debian,ubuntu}/<version>.<extension>), a tag for every
patches-unapplied import in Debian and Ubuntu (pkg/import/<version>)
and a tag for every patches-applied import in Debian and Ubuntu
(pkg/applied/<version>). I say "correct" because in the currently
imported repository, we did not distinguish between the ubuntu and
debian pristine-tar data and that led to issues.

TBH, I agree with Robie that `git checkout import/<tab>` becomes
relatively useless, but I rarely am going to a specific version, but
to a specific branch, of which there are far fewer. When I want to see
the diff between two imported versions, I don't check them out, I do
`git diff import/<upstream of version1><tab> import/<upstream of
version2><tab>` It might still take a few iterations of <tab> and
adding characters, but it's not terrible, in my experience so far.

I also think it's important to stay closer to git's behavior unless we
have a strong reason to do so.


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