Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Ubuntu Foundations Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2017-08-24

*Thursday, August 24, 2017*

This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Foundations
Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects
the team may be working on.

If you would like to reach the Foundations team, you can find us at the
#ubuntu-devel channel on freenode.


* We encourage flavor teams to file their merge proposals for Ubiquity
slideshow updates as soon as possible for inclusion in 17.10.

* Apport has been modified in 17.10 to gather information about python
versions on the system to help troubleshoot errors caused when users
install unofficial python versions. The report keys are PythonDetails and
Python3Details e.g. "/usr/bin/python3.6, Python 3.6.2, python3-minimal,

* OpenJDK 7 version 7u151-2.6.11-0ubuntu1.14.04.1 has been released for
Ubuntu 14.04

* netplan 0.26 has been release to artful

The State of the Archive

* The team worked hard to get the Qt5.9 transition in order, with removals
of packages not ported to the new version. This landed as the last major
transition before Feature Freeze. Thanks to all who helped get this done
in time!

* We have now entered Feature Freeze, and package uploads should be done in
accordance with the feature freeze guidelines.

* The resolvconf and ifupdown packages have been dropped from the base
debootstrap set in artful; new installs of 17.10 will now exclusively use
systemd-resolved instead of resolvconf, and NetworkManager/systemd-networkd
instead of ifupdown. For background on these changes, see

Upcoming Ubuntu Dates

* 17.10 opt-in Beta 1 - August 31, 2017

Weekly Meeting

* IRC Logs: