Thursday, 28 September 2017

git-ubuntu 0.2.1 now available in the stable and edge channels

Hello all,

* Changes from 0.1 to 0.2:

- a LXD container is used by default with `git ubuntu build`/`git
ubuntu build-source` in order for build-dependencies to be installed
and `./debian/rules clean` to run. For now, we assume LXD is already
configured. If LXD is not desired, --no-lxd can be passed to

- The snap versioning is derived from the git tags and hashes.

- `git ubuntu lint` no longer clobbers the working tree

- Significant snap refactoring (our original intent was to release 0.2
last week, but this took a week to get done). The snap is now built on
16.04, rather than 17.10. Much of the dependencies are built from
source rather than using archive packages.

Changes from 0.2 to 0.2.1 (necessary because I jumped the gun on releasing 0.2):

- `git ubuntu merge` works in testing with the updated snap.

* General notes:

- Our hope is to do an update of the edge snap every week (this week
was lost due to the snap issues), at the same time the old edge snap
will get promoted to stable, so weekly updates. So although the snaps
report different versions in the store (due to git-merges after
backporting bugfixes to snap/stable), they are contentfully identical
(verifiable by `git diff snap/stable snap/edge` in the git-ubuntu

- Report bugs / feature requests, etc at:!

- I hope to spend some time next week getting a Trello board set up
that will have a better overview of the bug roadmap for 1.0.

- To install git-ubuntu:

sudo snap install --classic git-ubuntu

- To install the edge snap (only recommended for experienced
developers, as it might break :):

sudo snap install --classic --edge git-ubuntu

- To setup the manpage lookup via our snapped manpage vieiwer:

edit ~/.gitconfig with the following contents:

[man "git-ubuntu-man"]
cmd =
viewer = git-ubuntu-man
viewer = man

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