Monday, 4 September 2017

Re: Old Firefox versions discourage real-world testing of Ubuntu development versions

Hello Sebastian,

On 09/04/2017 08:20 AM, Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> The desktop team has been suggesting to remove firefox from those
> architectures because we don't have the resources to work on those build
> issues and we believe there are little benefit to have firefox available
> on e.g ppc64el but that request has been rejected by the foundation team
> who said they would help to resolve the build issue so we are still
> waiting on that.
> In summary, there is no point moving the topic to another list. If you
> want to help either work on a fix for the build issue or try to convince
> foundations than most of our firefox users are on i386/amd64 and that if
> we don't have the resources to deal with build issues in timelined
> fashion (which experience from the previous cycles suggest) then we are
> better off having firefox uptodate on those architectures only than
> staying outdated for most of the cycle for the benefit of architectures
> who don't have actual desktop users.

So then what happens with stable releases? I would much rather have an
out-of-date firefox on devel if it means it's working for release for
most arches. I say this because Lubuntu 16.04 users on PowerPC or
Lubuntu users on the Raspberry Pi 3* will not have an up-to-date Firefox
(see: security issues). From the point of view of Lubuntu Release
Manager, I don't like that option.

I don't personally know enough about Firefox (otherwise we'd have ALSA
support) to help with this, but I would if I could (maybe I can look
more as to what's involved). But I think I can speak for the many users
of Lubuntu on PowerPC (16.04) and the Pi 3 when I say that this really
should not be an option. Even if it's not me, I really really hope
someone will step up to help with this.

If anyone wants statistics, I can gather some.

*Ubuntu MATE ships PowerPC 16.04 images and Raspberry Pi 3 images as well.

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC
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