Friday, 27 October 2017

git-ubuntu 0.6.2 availlable in the candidate channel

Hello all!

A very active week of git-ubuntu development. We are well on our way
(in our opinions) to enabling a global import of source packages (this
will take a presumably very long time to complete!) and to reimport
the existing repositories (as we are changing the import algorithm,
details below). We also plan on tweaking the default source package
Git repository in the coming weeks to point to the git-ubuntu
import'ed repositories.

Highlights of the changes from 0.4 to 0.6.2:

- Fix LP: #1699541, which was a fix for `git ubuntu queue` when used
with local imports.

- `git ubuntu review` will emit a warning when reviewing an MP for a
patches-applied branch.

- Various fixes to `git ubuntu build`'s internal iteration, which was
not treating the build success/failure as a critical check, and not
failing over to the next possible source of orig tarballs correctly.

- Fix LP: #1717960 by allowing patches-applied building. For drive-by
contributions, this means we can try and quiltify and changelogify
upstream changes cherry-picked into the patches-applied (or
patches-unapplied) branch and produce a build-able source or binary
package. The former is not suitable for uploading to the archive, but
does give a sponsor a starting point. The latter gives the end-user a
testable .deb. If a quiltify or changelogify occurs, a fixup commit is
created but not checked out, with the hash of the commit emitted to
the console. The user can take that as a fresh starting point, etc.

- Fix LP: #1717964 which allows `git ubuntu lint` to warn if a
quiltify operation is needed (upstream changes not yet represented by
a quilt patch in a quilt (3.0) source package).

- Fix LP: #1706979 which allows `git ubuntu build` and `git ubuntu
build-source` to build an arbitrary commitish with --commitish. The
default is to build HEAD.

- Fix LP: #1723147, so dpkg-buildpackage in the LXD container is run
as the ubuntu user.

- Fix LP: #1723148, so the LXD container is petnamed.

- Fix LP: #1723172, so the LXD build occurs only one directory deep in /tmp.

- Fix LP: #1720468, which bumps the default retries for network
operations to 5, to improve the likelihood of LXD build success.

- Fix LP: #1721844, which re-exposes git-merge-changelogs and
git-reconstruct-changelog in the snap. (I had to push a few fixes for
this after 0.6.2 due to snap quirks).

- Fix LP: #1726722, which was a bug in linting a source package change
where the source package may not exist in all active seres.

- Fix LP: #1727545, so we always use the host gpg in the snap.

- Fix a bug with `git ubuntu remote add...` adding a URL explicitly.

- Fix LP: #1719707, which allows one to add a "debian" remote automatically.

- Fix LP: #1725058, which adds a `git ubuntu export-orig` subcommand
to generate orig tarballs (in the same manner as `git ubuntu build`

- Fix LP: #1719608, which changes the importer alogrithm significantly
to not use a publishing parent. This simplifies the algorithm, and
also makes the various branch pointers more reflective of what is
happening in the publisher.

- Fix LP: #1728163, so the ubuntu-daily remote is used for LXD builds
by default.

Please help test this snap, which I'm hoping we can promote to stable
in the next week or two.

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