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Re: Build profile for nopcre2 build in Ubuntu

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
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> In Debian, occasionally a package needs different build-time
> dependencies per target environment, due to missing packages, behavior
> differences, or other reasons. Most of the time, developers don't run
> into such issues, but when they do, they're able to resolve them using
> arch-qualified build-depends. sbuild respects arch-qualifications so
> this results in a working build on all relevant arches.
> In [1] I ran into a similar issue: Ubuntu is not able to use the git
> package from Debian because
> - in Debian, the package uses Build-Depends to allow builds against
> pcre2 and older pcre. The first alternative is pcre2, so that is
> what Debian uses (good). In backports, pcre2 is not available so
> it falls back to the older pcre (also good).
> - Ubuntu has pcre2 but it is not part of main[2].
> So Ubuntu patches the package to build against the old version of
> pcre. That alone would be fine, but it results in the package in
> Ubuntu falling out of date. I would like to update the package in
> Debian to be usable in Ubuntu as-is to prevent that happening.
> If I could use
> Build-Depends: libpcre2-dev <!ubuntu> | ...fallback...
> then I'd do that and be done.
> discourages this application of build profiles and says to prefer
> something distribution-agnostic like "nosystemd". Fair enough: if
> I could use
> Build-Depends: libpcre2-dev <!nopcre2> | ...fallback...
> then I'd do that and be done.
> Sensible? Any downsides I'm missing?


> [1]
> [2]

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