Sunday, 17 December 2017

Re: Detecting the init system in use

Hello all,

Robie Basak [2017-12-13 17:57 +0000]:
> 3) Accept that on Trusty the general case is now broken, and make the
> official test be something like the following. This will need to be
> SRU'd to MAAS in Trusty, and we'll need to fix any other packages in
> Trusty affected by the behaviour change of the original test.
> if Trusty: upstart
> else if [ -d /run/systemd/system ]: systemd
> else [existing checks for other init systems]

After the discussion and seeing the alternatives, this now appears as the
safest and most robust option to me; particularly as this is going to be
introduced as SRUs, and making complicated changes with new namespaces, suid
helpers, etc. is going to introduce a lot more subtle regressions than it