Thursday, 7 December 2017

Re: "sponsorhip for retrying dep8 tests"

Hello Andreas,

Andreas Hasenack [2017-12-07 9:56 -0200]:
> Is there a non-technical reason for sponsorees not being able to click the
> retry link for their sponsored uploads?

The main intent for restricting the retry function is that running tests is
fairly expensive in terms of infrastructure resources. We want to avoid that
arbitrary people can DoS the infra by wild retry clicking (or even automating
that), and (to a lesser degree) also encourage people to actually fix flaky

If you can upload a package, then this will auto-trigger tests, thus uploaders
are allowed to directly retry. This isn't the case for sponsorees.

However, if there is a good way of associating an upload with a sponsoree in
the Launchpad API (which isn't quite obvious), I think this would be an
acceptable addition. The policy can still be tightened in the future if it gets
abused, and the retry queue does record who requested the runs :-)


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