Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ubuntu Kernel Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2018-01-23

January 09 through January 23

The Kernel Team is completely focused on addressing any Spectre and
Meltdown issues as they arise.  A secure Ubuntu is our top priority. No
new Livepatches are being produced and our regular SRU cycles are
suspended while we address Spectre and Meltdown.

Spectre mitigation kernels are available.  The kernels in the following
post have been promoted to the updates repository:

The most up to date information available regarding Meltdown and Spectre
is being publeshed to:

If you would like to reach the kernel team, you can find us at the
#ubuntu-kernel channel on FreeNode.  Alternatively, you can mail the
Ubuntu Kernel Team mailing list at: kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com.

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