Friday, 16 February 2018

Launchpad i386 build: Memory exhausted

Hello everyone,

I'm packaging latest MAME 0.194 and it builds fine on my PPA. Unfortunately, link fails for i386 due to virtual machine memory issues:
/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Memory exhausted
You can find a full log for build here:

and also here in case I got struck by the greatest idea and try a new build :)

Please note I've already put great care in tweaking linker options to reduce memory consumption, with no luck. I've already faced this issue in backporting, but it never occured with current release. It's worth noting that the default compiler in Artful (gcc 7) is also the recommended compiler by upstream developers, so forcing a different release doesn't look an option either.

It would be nice to have a working i386 build on my PPA, but what I care more is uploading Mame 0.194 to Bionic.

Does anyone know whether virtual machines for official Ubuntu releases have more resources, specifically more memory? Should I try uploading the tarball and see? What happens if I get the same memory issue, would I be able to downgrade to 0.193?

I'm looking forward for any kind advice, thank you in advance! :)