Thursday, 15 February 2018

More diagnostics data from desktop

Great ideas!

I've been _manually_ re-enabling these popcon reports at every install(Ubuntu gives me a $free OS and the least I can do is help 'em out w/ some telemetry!) via:

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest

As a sys-admin, I do installs regularly and having so many apport notices user-facing has been an irritation(i.e. cups-browsed has crashed, gnome-shell has crashed, etc.). These are not show-stopping in the majority of cases and only confuse the end-user. I would welcome 'silent' crash-reporting for such use cases. seemed to go unmaintained for a while so I opened the following bug to determine it's future:

Thanks for looking into this. Ubuntu & the greater GNU/Linux community has to reverse-engineer so much of the Wintel(Microsoft/Intel) world already, let's give the Dev's some good info on where to prioritize by use and greatest need !!