Thursday, 15 February 2018

Re: autopkgtest-build-lxd failing with bionic

Hello Timo,

Timo Aaltonen [2018-02-15 16:50 +0200]:
> On 14.02.2018 22:03, Dimitri John Ledkov wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am on bionic and managed to build bionic container for testing using:
> >
> > $ autopkgtest-build-lxd ubuntu-daily:bionic/amd64
> >
> > Note this uses Ubuntu Foundations provided container as the base,
> > rather than the third-party image that you are using from "images"
> > remote.
> >
> > Why are you using images: remote?
> Because that's what the manpage suggests :)

Right, and quite deliberately. At least back in "my days", the ubuntu: and
ubuntu-daily: images had a lot of fat in them which made them both
unnecessarily slow (extra download time, requires more RAM/disk, etc.) and also
undesirable for test correctness, as having all of the unnecessary bits
preinstalled easily hides missing dependencies.

The latter can be alleviated by purging stuff of course, and that's what
happens for the cloud VM images in OpenStack:

But this takes even more time, and so far just hasn't been necessary as the
images: ones were just right - they contain exactly what a generic container
image is supposed to contain and are pleasantly small and fast.

> > Is the failure reproducible with ubuntu-daily:bionic?
> >
> > If you can build images with ubuntu-daily:bionic, then you need to
> > contact and file an issue with images: remote provider.
> ubuntu-daily: works, images: fails for artful and bionic while xenial
> works, and the image server is:

These are being advertised and used a lot, so maybe Stephane's LXD team can
help with fixing these? Them having no network at all sounds like a grave bug
which should be fixed either way.

That said, it could of course be that the setup script just needs some
adjustments for the netplan changes:
As this doesn't know about netplan at all, just ifupdown.


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