Thursday, 15 February 2018

Re: More diagnostics data from desktop

Hi Cassidy,

On 14 February 2018 at 16:00, Cassidy James Blaede <> wrote:
This makes sense from Ubuntu's perspective, and it will certainly be interesting to see the resulting data. I have a few concerns, but nothing insurmountable:

How will this affect downstreams? Downstreams/non-official-flavors may want to disable or remove any diagnostics. Keep them in mind when designing the implementation.


Users are not always installers. Will additional users be prompted of the diagnostics upon first login? Are these diagnostics intended to be system-wide or user-wide? If Ubuntu uses GNOME Initial Setup for new users, that would be a great place for this.

I'm generally against asking more questions on log in if it can be avoided.  Apport and popcon would be system wide.  The installer data would naturally be based the system.  We aren't going to be using Initial Setup in 18.04, but I will bear that in mind for the near future, it does make sense to include it in Initial Setup if/when we use it.