Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Major 14 years old Bug on the Ubuntu Desktop

Over a year ago I quickly discovered inconvenience with the Ubuntu desktop icons.
This inconvenience actually dragged me down for the whole year to not use Ubuntu Desktop for personal or even organisational operation.

The problem I discovered: The icons on the desktop of the Ubuntu desktop are getting overflown one over the other after programs such as Text Editors save the new file on the desktop on top of another already existant file's icon.

The short-sighted solution for the past 14 years was to click "rearange the icons on the desktop" to restore the badly positioned icons into their place on the desktop grid.

Few days ago I found out that this was still not fixed with 18.04 release and I lost hope that it will ever be fixed by default.

Also I found out that installing kubuntu did fix the problem fully and today I would like to know the root cause of this bug and to point attention to this serious problem that affect most of the people that use Ubuntu Desktop.

Relevant links that you might find useful to identify the bug: