Tuesday, 25 September 2018

uploading golang-1.10 everywhere

Hi all,

At the recent sprint in Brussels, there was some discussion of providing a way for packages in older Ubuntu releases a way to build with a newer version of Go. After some discussion with the security team, it was decided that it made sense to upload Go 1.10 (which is after all going to be supported as part of Bionic for 5 years) to the older releases. I'm mentioning this plan here (a) for awareness (b) to get the security team to publicly acknowledge their agreement to the plan :)

There is a bug to track the uploads:

All comments here or in the bug gratefully received.


PS: although it's always hard to predict the future, the plan as it is today is also to backport whatever version of Go ends up in 20.04 LTS to the releases that are still supported at that time, etc.