Friday, 5 October 2018

FYI: switch of default Launchpad VCS to git

Now that we have experimental "git-ubuntu" git repositories available
for most packages in main, we (the server/git-ubuntu team) will be
switching the default VCS for the Launchpad "ubuntu" distribution over
to git.

This would mean that the git-ubuntu repositories would be visible
directly at URLs such as:

...instead of seeing the out-of-date Bazaar repositories and having to
click specifically on "View Git repositories" from there.

However, please note that the git-ubuntu repositories are still
experimental and we expect to "reimport the world" at least once before
declaring the branches stable. When we do this, users will see
non-fast-forward pushes to all branches.

Despite this, we think that this is objectively better than the current
situation since the git-ubuntu repositories, where present, are
generally current, and this enables the ability for anyone to point to
particlar parts of the Ubuntu source as well as investigate how it has

On behalf of the TB, Steve has agreed to make the change, so please take
this as an FYI to expect this change soon.