Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Looking for example Package solving sysV+.service+.socket

TL;DR: known example of a package correctly solving
sysV+.service+.socket and having only .socket running on install?

- Detail -

Hello everybody,
I want to know if there is any best practise / example on the following case:
A package that delivers:
- sysV init (for old style compat/backport or just happens to be there)
- .service supposed to replace the sysV
- the .service should be installed and enabled, but not started in postinst
- .socket installed and started on install supposed to be starting the
service when needed

I've hit a few cases like that now, and in most of them I see
- dh_installinit for sysV trumps dh_installsystemd/dh_systemd_*
- invoke.rc start is mapped to systemd service start
- service ends up started which it shoudl not

I have tried different combinations of --no-start and dh_*_override's,
but never succeeded to something great so far.
Different compat levels have great impact on this as well,
unfortunately none resolved it for me.
The few cases I know ended up dropping the sysV init to get out of the
situation :-/

This is why I wanted to reach out if anybody knows better "prior art"
to resolve this.

Christian Ehrhardt
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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