Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Re: server seed: remove acpid?

On Thu., 1 Nov. 2018, 08:55 Andreas Hasenack < wrote:

we are reviewing the server seeds
and the acpid package came up. It's currently in the server seed,
meaning it's installed by default.

I did some tests in a VM, and a bare metal machine, running cosmic,
and the power and suspend buttons, both from an usb keyboard and the
box itself, worked just fine without acpid running.
In fact, it's not even running on a default install unless the admin
either enables it explicitly, or installs a package that populates
/etc/acpi/events, or connects to the unix socket in /run/acpid.socket.

That's good I think. Systemd has built in ACPI event support, better not be processing sleep twice.

As far as I know removing it should be fine.