Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Re: Ubuntu Hardware database

This feature is already in the TODO list and called "Probe Review".  In Probe Review mode you'll be able to modify auto-detected statuses for devices and write comments w/o the need to register (manually reviewed by the admin + intelligent spam protection). As usual all contributions will be dumped to a new github repository:
Hope next version of smartmontools will help us to detect failure status of nvme drives automatically)
Thank you!
27.10.2018, 20:36, "Christopher Patti" <>:
Thank you for this. Very cool.
I wish I could tell it that some devices are in fact working - like my nvme SSD drives on which my current LInux is running :)
However seeing all my devices and chipsets enumerated is pretty neat :)
On Wed, Oct 24, 2018, at 3:33 AM, Andrey Ponomarenko wrote:
Good news for everyone interested in Linux-compatibility and reliability of hardware!
The database has been divided into a set of databases, one per each Linux distro. You can now select your favorite distro on the front page:
In this mode you'll not see data collected from other Linux distros.
One can submit computer hardware info to the database by:
1) (limited functionality due to strict confinement)