Thursday, 8 November 2018

Re: /usr-merge by default for new installations, with backwards compat

Hi Dimitri,

I see that you blocked the SRU for debootstrap in LP: #1773496 / LP:
#1800945 on a usr-merge problem. Please can you resolve this, given that
you chose to drive this change in Ubuntu? I believe this is what is
causing the sbuild autopkgtests in stable releases to fail - because
distro-info-data now mismatches what debootstrap knows about.

Alternatively, can we just land the debootstrap SRUs anyway? Given that
users release upgrading won't be converted to usr-merge anyway and we
have to support that, I don't see it being much of a problem if users
running debootstrap for Disco while running Bionic also get
non-usr-merge. Perhaps it would even be a good thing to get better
dogfooding coverage on both supported combinations.