Thursday, 31 January 2019

Re: 18.04.2 is coming

Hey Steve, thanks for the reply!

Le 31/01/2019 à 00:32, Steve Langasek a écrit :

> Thanks, it's not part of our documented point release process to have
> outbound communication about this perhaps due to the assumption that people
> would reference the release schedule on their own, but it doesn't hurt to
> give people a head's-up (and better late than never).

Where would be the right place to suggest that we add to the process a
reminder email about the incoming freeze for LTS point releases?
Something around the line of "if you want are working on some update
that really needs to be in and hasn't landed yet now is time to talk to
us about it/have the SRU going or you are going to miss the target".
I think it's not too much work and would be useful since it seems every
cycle we have some busy people who don't especially keep an eye on the
calendar and end up missing their landing target (do we have an
ics/something better than the wiki?)

> describes that SRUs should be in
> -updates one week before the point release date.

Thanks, I should have clicked on that link from the schedule page :)

Btw that page mentions that base-files should have been updated some
weeks ago, seems that didn't happen (for whoever is handling that
milestone, hopefully they read u-d@)

> The list of bugs targeted to the 18.04.2 milestone is:
> It's always possible for developers to target bugs to the point release
> milestones if they believe they are critical.

Right, my main interrogation there is on what happens if those listed
bugs are not fixed? Currently 3 of those on the list seem to be in that
The gnome-shell one has been uploaded and is waiting for review in
unapproved (though the update is non trivial and it feels late, maybe
best to release it after the .2 image is built as a 0-day SRU), the
ubiquity ones seem not have a fix in the queue yet?
Do we delay the point release to get those fix in? Is anyone reaching
out to stakeholder to figure out what we do? Or do we just get the point
release out on schedule without those?

> It appears the fwupdate packages are released from binary NEW now.

Great, thanks!

Sebastien Bacher

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