Wednesday, 16 January 2019

supported-network-client review

Hi all,

tl;dr drop jigit, could consider neomutt instead of mutt

I was looking at where irssi came from, and found supported-network-client. Saw
jigit in it, decided to give it a short review.

(tagged OK/RM/?? for keep/remove/maybe)

$ cat supported-network-client | sed 's#^#> #'
> = Clients =
> * irssi

OK Having a text IRC client makes sense I guess, though it would not
be my choice :)

> * avahi-utils

OK Useful to debug avahi issues I guess.

> = Download =
> * jigit # specialised Debian/Ubuntu CD image download

RM I'm not sure there's much of a use anymore, so I'd say let's drop it.

> = Mail =
> * mutt

?? We _could_ switch to neomutt, which is more advanced, and was packaged
as mutt for some time. The code base started out the same, but got quite
refactoring done recently, and there is progress in adding multi-account
support. It would pull in (lib)notmuch, though.

> * lbdb

OK Never used that, but sounds interesting.

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