Thursday, 21 March 2019

Re: More diagnostics data from desktop

To whom it may concern:

This proposal was brought to my attention by "The Linux Gamer" on
YouTube, and had a few thoughts on this proposed feature. If this is
the wrong place to make suggestions on this, I apologize.

1) The feature should be "opt-in", as in, disabled/unchecked by
default, so that users who aren't paying close attention don't
unwittingly enable the feature.

2) There should be separate opt-in boxes, one for data about the
installation and general hardware info, the second for the ongoing
collection of data regarding installed packages, software crashes, etc.

3) If the user opts in to either of these, it should be clearly
outlined during the installation process exactly what kind of
information is collected instead of a generic message.

4) There should be an area within the settings to disable, or re-
enable, the feature at a later date, again containing a detailed list
of exactly what is contained in the reports. "I" don't mind editing a
config file, but many people who use Ubuntu do so because it is user
friendly with minimal "required" time spent in the terminal, so having
a graphical way to enable or disable the telemetry data is important in
my opinion.

Marcus Dean Adams

"Civilization is the limitless multiplication
of unnecessary necessities."
-- Mark Twain