Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Delegating hinting for autopkg failures to core developers and MOTU

Please can we delegate the hinting for autopkg test failures to core developers
and MOTU?

When ignoring an autopkg test failure, you usually have a reason to do so. As a
core developer you already can work around autopkg test failures with uploading
a work-around in a new package version, both for main and universe packages.
The disadvantage is a longer turn-around, re-triggered autopkg tests,
introducing a delta which has to be maintained. MOTU could be limited to only
hint failures for universe packages.

The current limitation of autopkg related hints being done by the release team
seems to be a technical limitation, because other hints are done by the release
team only. Of course there should be informal restrictions for hinting during
archive freezes, release freezes.


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