Thursday, 18 April 2019

post-disco software-properties port to PackageKit ready for testing

Hi folks,

I just finished porting disco's software-properties to PackageKit,
so we have less aptdaemon around. Target here is early ee, as disco
is about to release, so for now I put a build into the PPA at:

If you have some time to spare, possibly after the release is done,
give it a go and leave me some feedback. Interested whether driver
installation and cache refresh after editing sources works for you,
in both GTK+ and Qt frontends; and also how DebConf works for you.

We might be switching to a new apt daemon[1] in the future, as PackageKit
is not really actively developed, and lacks features needed for update-manager
(and well, synaptic, for those who want synaptic on wayland, but that's
not _really_ the main focus) but it's at least one aptdaemon tool less.

I also plan to be uploading that to Debian experimental later on, so
we get some feedback there hopefully; although, they are in a freze
as well, so ....


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