Friday, 3 April 2020

Re: Focal Fossa Beta milestone delayed

Hi Lukasz,

On Fri, 3 Apr 2020 at 09:32, Lukasz Zemczak <> wrote:
The image building issues have now been resolved and all the new Beta
isos are now built and ready to test [1]. Please pick up your favorite
flavor and resume testing as soon as possible.

The install.
I downloaded and installed this from USB flash drive:-
d3eff3d41d9d32a0b8a87e4faf8aef25  focal-desktop-amd64.iso

The install went relatively smoothly - 1 little bug with the partitioner. Logged in, went online with Firefox, had a look at LibreOffice Writer.

Little bug in partitioner.
I was installing on top of the previous beta of Ubuntu. So, as usual, I went for the "Other" option to set up the partitions. I clicked on my root partition to activate the "Format" option. When the dialogue box closed, the partitioner formatted the partition right away, stating that this was because the partition size had been changed (it hadn't).

Logging results.
I went to this page to log the success of the install:-

I clicked on "Passed with no bugs" and... nothing happened. Not sure if that means my results were logged or not.

Thank you!
No problem :)



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