Tuesday, 9 June 2020

+1 maintenance report

Hey there,

Somewhat a reduced shift since I had some days off last week, I did
continue a bit yesterday and today to make up for part of it but it's
still a somewhat short list

* spent some time talking with Olivier as part of his onboarding

* unblocked pygame by removing childsplay and pysycache

* NEWed libnma and filed a MIR (it superseed part of n-m-applet)

* retried some flacky tests

* retried fdroidserver tests with a fixed python-git to unblock git

* sponsored dejavu transition fixes from Olivier
- zatacka
- sarg
- blobwars
- blobandconquer
- astromenace

* did another fix for the dejavu transition

Sebastien Bacher

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