Friday, 5 June 2020

Re: +1 maintenance June 2nd-5th

On Fri, Jun 05, 2020 at 08:11:40AM +0200, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> #### php-horde
> Next was a look at php-horde-* which is not only split into many packages
> but also has plenty of autopkgtests due to that.
> 10/10 tests that I checked were blocked at the same issue: "E: Package
> 'php-horde-test' has no installation candidate"
> If there is another issue, then I need this to resolve to be able to see it
> :-)
> It turned out to be rather easy: php-horde-test isn't in groovy-release -
> not even an older version.
> Due to that the tests fail to find anything.
> 104 source packages and counting :-). The reason for all that was that the
> status was a mixed feeling before [6] and removed from focal.
> It was removed from Debian as well [7] and the current flurry of
> builds&tests is caused by re-uploads to bring it back.
> Some bits are still hanging in Debian's new queue like the core "php-horde
> 5.2.21+debian1-1" itself.
> We should give it a chance now, but if it looks as bad with proper test
> triggers it likely should be removed until this has resolved to a proper
> state in Debian (gladly the package was adopted, so this will become better
> over time).
> For now we can't go on, this will need to wait until php-horde passes the
> new queue and is in groovy-proposed.
> Then we want to run something like the following to properly restart the
> tests.
> $ wget
> $ for p in $(grep -Hrn '>php-horde-.*</a> (- to <a href='
> update_excuses.html | sed -e 's/.*>php-horde-/php-horde-/' | sed -e
> 's/<\/a>.*//' ); do retry-autopkgtest-regressions --series groovy --blocks
> "${p}"; done | sed -e
> 's/$/&trigger=php-horde-test%2F2.6.3%2Bdebian0-5&trigger=php-horde%2F5.2.21%2Bdebian1-1/'
> ---
> #### php-horde
> Still waiting in Debian new queue, due to that still nothing to do.

php-horde was dropped in focal, and should be for groovy as well, and

php-horde-* wraps a vast number of other system packages, so whenever
there are any changes in plumbing, invariably some chunk of php-horde
ends up broken. We don't see a high enough usage of php-horde to
warrant the effort maintaining it has been taking.


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