Monday, 1 June 2020

Re: Adjusting what fstypes df displays

On Mon, Jun 01, 2020 at 09:30:58AM +0100, Iain Lane wrote:
> On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 09:38:47PM -0700, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> > These days, df displays a lot of mount points, due to the increased use
> > of non-consumable filesystems such as tmpfs and squashfs. This clutter
> > is particularly noticeable using df in Ubuntu, due to the increased
> > popularity of snaps, but the general problem affects all Linux distros,
> > and shows up in other commands such as lsblk, blkid, fdisk -l, and
> > mount.
> We had this problem on the desktop a while ago, and we worked with the
> snapd team to solve it by introducing an extra option on the mounts
> which snapd creates, called "x-gdu.hide". Parts of the GNOME desktop
> respect this, and so user interfaces are not cluttered up with snap
> mounts.
> This feels to me to be a cleaner approach than saying that *all*
> squashfs filesystems should be hidden by default - instead, the software
> which creates the mounts is able to communicate this fact and if you've
> created your own mounts then you carry on seeing them as normal.

Thanks, that's a very good tip, I'll mention this to upstream.

> There's still the question of creating an interface to hide based on
> mount options and how to set the default. (Personally I agree with Seth
> that the systemd style is a nice way to do it, if upstream are up for
> that.) But this warrants consideration, I think.

It sounds like upstream is preferring to avoid config files and env
vars, and would prefer to filter squashfs as a dummy fs (if you look at
`df -a` output you can see there are others already being filtered.) So
given that I think they'll be interested in hearing about "x-gdu.hide"
since that will more precisely target the issue we're trying to solve.


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