Friday, 24 July 2020

+1 maintenance report

Hey there,

That's the summary of my +1 maintainance this week

* Got those packages to migrate, mostly by retrying flacky tests or with
right triggers
 - libevent
 - phpunit
 - ncompress
 - python-cryptography-vectors
 - rsync
 - freetype
 - djvulibre
* removed falcon, was removed from Debian, fail to build and is unmaintained
* removed NBS binaries from nvidia-graphics-drivers packages to unblock
* some NEW reviews
* spent quite some time on update_excuses.html poking at random items,
started poking a bit at some issues and gave up on most either because
the project was unmaintained and not worth the effort or because work
was already ongoing upstream or in Debian

Sebastien Bacher

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