Monday, 13 July 2020

+1 maintenance status − July 09-10

Hello everyone,

I was on +1 maintenance shift last Thursday and Friday. I focused solely on node-* test failures that are blocking the migration of nodejs 12.18.1.
I got side-tracked quite a bit, so I didn't manage to do as much as I intended, but I'm going to continue poking at it throughout the week.
This has become more urgent as the new britney deployed by Laney last week is now blocking on build dependencies, meaning firefox updates are now blocked because of nodejs.

So far I identified the following classes of problems with node-* autopkgtests:

 - package needs a no-change rebuild against the bumped soname for (e.g. node-iconv)
 - tests depending on node-iconv need an additional trigger to pick up the rebuilt version (e.g. node-body-parser)
 - tests require patching because of API/behaviour changes in the new Node.js (e.g. node-buffer-shims or node-diff)
 - sha.js's SHA-1 implementation is failing on ppc64el, causing various packages depending on it to fail on this architecture (
 - a few flaky tests pass with a retry

Help appreciated (particularly on that sha.js issue)!

Have a good week,