Thursday, 24 September 2020

git-ubuntu 1.0 released

I'm pleased to announce that we now consider git-ubuntu ready for
general use. Coinciding with this, the unapplied tags and branches that
are published by git-ubuntu in Launchpad can also now be considered
maintained and stable.

git-ubuntu 1.0 is now published to the stable snap channel. Install

sudo snap install --classic git-ubuntu

Imported repository status

Repositories for 5560 packages are now maintained in Launchpad and their
"unapplied" branches and tags are considered stable. This includes
nearly all packages in main and some packages in universe that have been
imported on request.

I expect to start expanding coverage to the entire archive soon.

"Unapplied" means the branches prefixed `debian/` and `ubuntu/`, and the
tags prefixed `import/`. These are the primary branches and tags
intended for routine use by distribution developers.

Branches and tags such as `pristine-tar`, `dsc` and `upstream/*` are
intended to ship content rather than history, so are out of scope of
"stability" in the fast-forwarding sense.

The "applied" branches and tags will be declared stable in a future

Changes from 1.0-rc1 to 1.0

The importer service has broken out into worker processes for better

A number of import edge cases concerning "bad" input data are now
handled gracefully and in a stable way.

One importer bug related to the edge case where the same package version
string was published in Debian and Ubuntu but with different contents
has been fixed.

Some snap packaging related bugs are fixed.

Commits included in this release

Andreas Hasenack (16):
Add nodejs to whitelist
Add realmd and adcli to whitelist, these have MIRs already in progress
Update whitelist: golang-yaml.v2, golang-testify, golang-go.uber-zap
Import golang-github-fsouza-go-dockerclient
Add golang-github-go-ldap-ldap and golang-go.uber-zap to import list
Import influxdb
Import prometheus packages
golang-github-gophercloud-gophercloud and golang-github-prometheus-client-golang added to the whitelist
Import golang-github-prometheus-client-model and golang-github-prometheus-common
Import google-gogoprotobuf
Import liburing, about to be MIRed
Import sshuttle
Import golang-github-pkg-errors
Import fish
Import many golang packages for Kanashiro
Import haveged (ddstreet request)

Rafael David Tinoco (2):
Import uftrace (and dependency) for rafaeldtinoco
Import python-configshell-fb (targetcli-fb MIR)

Robie Basak (51):
Add terminating newline to importer notes
pylint: add py.path to ignored-modules
Use the same pylintrc locally as in CI
Drop pylint and astroid pinning
Move request_new_imports() to
Move package list read to importer_service
Add database concurrency support
Add ipc_worker table
Running requests must now never get superseded
Test refactor
Do not return requests for packages with imports in progress
Embed bash and use it in our wrappers
Use the host's ssh client
Add new IPC-based service components
Merge branch 'ipc-concurrency'
Merge branch 'snap-fixes'
Add additional kernel packages to blacklist
Add additional kernel packages to blacklist
Temporarily blacklist "slow to reimport" packages
Test handling for non-UTF8 in changelog notes
Handle non-UTF8 characters in changelog notes
Factor out changelog date parsing
Add parsing support for edge case dates
Ensure the locale is set consistently
Remove temporary blacklist of fixed packages
poller: log package count after startup
Handle empty changelog author names
Merge branch 'importer-notes-newline'
Merge branch 'empty-changelog-author'
Merge branch 'poller-logging'
Add test case for extra angle bracket parsing
Fix extra angle bracket parsing
Merge branch 'multiple-angle-brackets'
Add author_date override support
source_builder: add changelog date customization
Add changelog date overrides
Revert "Ensure the locale is set consistently"
Merge branch 'revert-locale'
Fix typo in changelog date override
Remove all pull overrides
Remove all parent overrides
Remove all patch overrides
Re-enable packages that were being reimported
Fix some golang whitelist source package names
Add test for get_all_reimport_tags()
Fix get_all_reimport_tags() prefix search
Add some missing docstrings
Add pkgbinarymangler to blacklist
Retry database reads on lock timeouts
Add more kernel packages to blacklist
version: bump to 1.0