Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Running autopkgtests from PPA on real infrastructure

Hello all,

I'm currently working on a problem where an autopkgtest works fine in local autopkgtest testrunners (QEMU based), but it fails in different ways on the real Ubuntu autopkgtest infrastructure [0] (networking related issues).

Some developers use Bileto [1] to reproduce tests in such situations. But not everybody has access to Bileto and it comes with bigger overhead, due to running all reverse-depends tests as well.

I found out about another way of running autopkgtests on the real infrastructure, using a PPA. The approach is documented in the wiki [2], but lots of people seemed to be surprised about it, so this is a heads up that this approach exists and works!

* Upload your package (incl. debian/tests/*) to your PPA
* Get a core-dev/MOTU to trigger the test for you, via this URL scheme:
* Check the results via this URL scheme: