Thursday, 12 November 2020

+1 maintenance report

Here are my two recent +1 maintenance shifts. The first one on Oct 14/15
I missed.

* +1 maintenance Oct 28/29:
- livecd-rootfs, sshuttle fails due to lxd snap not being available for 21.04, pinged lxd team about it
- no clue: dask, python-skbio
- timeouts dolfinx
- killed? r-bioc-cummerbund/arm64
- python-gevent seems to have been blocked by gevent-websocket and needed a rebuild against new greenlet due to binary incompat, doko uploaded that
- retriggered piuparts/1.1.1build1 and sbuild, needed newer distro-info-data
- open-iscsi seems to need a new cloud image - Confused by input token 'hirsute'
- retrigger tifffile/20200717-2 on arm64
- Retried tests to monitor outcomes
+ apt-clone is mad for unknown reasonsa agiain, retried on amd64
+ retrigger tifffile/20200717-2 on arm64
+ hgsubversion/1.9.3+git20190419+6a6ce-5 retriggered, mercurial uninstallable?
- retriggered all python3-defaults failures with all-proposed

* +1 maintenance Nov 10/11:
- migrating 3 armhf lxd workers back to 4 arm64 ones
- universe merges:
+ merge aptitude 0.8.13-2ubuntu1
+ simplified synaptic so it can be synced again.
+ synced apt-move 4.2.27-6
+ synced dgit 9.12
+ merged xterm 361-1ubuntu1
+ merged doxygen 1.8.20-4ubuntu1
+ merged notmuch 0.31.2-3ubuntu1
- seeing how aptdaemon got stuck a bunch of times again, removed --disable-timeout from aptd test setup, so it shouldn't get stuck waiting for calls indefinitely ever again and waste a worker for almost 3 hours.
- digging into britney adding triggers that are already in the release pocket -
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