Monday, 23 November 2020

+1 maintenance report

- handled some network outage on Thu night, giving back packages
- disentangled perl and ocaml transitions
- restored older perl4caml
- removed hivex and supermin
- got ocaml migrating, and restored packages
- removed NBS binaries in hirsute-proposed
- worked on some ftbfs, pbbam and it's reverse b-d's
- giving back some hundred autopkg tests for python3.9 with all-proposed=1
- no-change rebuilds for pari transition (20 days old)
- no-change rebuilds for rtmidi transition
- giving back builds which failed on some archs
- remove broker, ftbfs
- remove morse-simuator, ftbfs
- looked at radare2 ftbfs issues, proposed a patch for diffoscope to test
without radare2


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