Monday, 14 December 2020

+1 maintenance report

Hey there,

Summary of my recent shift, it's shorter than usual since I had some
time off work, one day colliding with the rotation

* submitted a change to include the MIR titles in the component mismatch
reports (waiting for eview)
* retried webkitgtk builds on arm since it seemed more of a toolchain
issue, worked
* retried hplip builds on arm, worked, migrated
* retried firefox tests
* retried libaperture on armhf, blocking gstreamer
* retried libgdata on arm blocking libxml
* debugged autopilot build failure but Dimitri beat me to upload
* rebuild gnome-builder for the glade transition
* rebuilds for the current libgit transition
* spent quite reading tests and builds issue to find things to work on
or retry

Sebastien Bacher

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