Friday, 8 January 2021

+1 maintenance report


Yesterday I finished my first +1 maintenance rotation (Wed+Thu). Here are the things I worked on:

* Getting into the +1 maint workflow by reading docs, reports and wiki pages
* Getting into some of the "ubuntu-archive-tools"
* Used ./retry-autopkgtest-regressions --only-unknown to find & trigger a few broken tests:
OK - libmarc-file-mij-perl/hirsute/arm64 VS libex-monkeypatched-perl/0.03-1.1
OK - libxml-grove-perl/hirsute/armhf
OK - node-source-map/hirsute/armhf, new version was uploaded in the meantime
OK - pytest-rerunfailures/hirsute/s390x,ppc64el,armhf,arm64,amd64 VS ['pytest-rerunfailures/9.1.1-1', 'pytest/6.0.2-2']
NO - ubuntu-image/hirsute/amd64 VS  ['python3-defaults/3.9.1-1', 'pyparted/3.11.7-0.1build1']

Tried triggering OVS (2.14 & 2.15) vs iperf, something seems to be wrong here. Iperf test has been failing for a long time. Need to investigate.
NO - openvswitch/hirsute/s390x VS ['iperf/2.0.14a+dfsg1-1', 'openvswitch/2.15.0~git20210104.def6eb1ea-0ubuntu2']

Fixed autopkgtest for new OVS v2.15:
OK -,arm64,ppc64el VS ['openvswitch/2.15.0~git20210104.def6eb1ea-0ubuntu2', 'dpdk/20.11-1', '']

* Worked on some FTBFS:
OK - 0.101-0ubuntu4 ppc64el, rebuilt
OK - libsigsegv 2.12-3 riscv64, rebuilt
OK - epubcheck 4.2.4-1 amd64, fixed & forwarded to Debian
OK - s390-tools[-signed] 2.15.1-0ubuntu2 s390x, fixed & forwarded upstream
NO - iotjs 1.0+715-1 s390x, further investigation needed

This was my first rotation so I'll probably need some more time to get into all the tools and workflows in order to get up to speed. I plan to join the +1 meeting on Monday to get some more insights.