Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Re: +1 maint - phpunit 9 bootstrap proposal

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 08:48:15PM -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> phpunit has been stuck in a 8.5 -> 9.5 transition, which blocks other
> things. I'd like to propose we back out 9.5 and bootstrap to 9.0, and
> *then* to 9.5.
> In looking at the phpunit builds on update_excuses, phpunit 9.5 fails to
> build due to three of its dependencies, which themselves are failing to
> build because they in turn have phpunit 9.x as build dependencies.
> E.g.:
> phpunit unsatisfiable Build-Depends(-Arch) on amd64: php-codecoverage (>= 9)
> php-codecoverage 9.2.5+dfsg-2 shows "Missing build dependencies: phpunit (>= 9)"
> (Near as I can tell, the packages depend on phpunit only for
> running the testsuite in debian/rules' override_dh_auto_test. The
> packages don't appear to actually depend on any code from phpunit.)
> Debian did not jump straight from 8.5 to 9.5, but rather went through
> the intermediate versions in Experimental. It looks like phpunit 9.0.0
> might be new enough to satisfy various built requirements, without
> having too intensive build requirements itself.
> RAOF suggested one option might be to do similarly - remove phpunit from
> -proposed, stage the intermediary pieces in a PPA, and then
> source+binary copy them into the archive. I've staged the pieces, with
> their testsuites disabled, here:
> https://launchpad.net/~bryce/+archive/ubuntu/phpunit-bootstrap/+packages

Thanks. Since it's not possible to tell as a non-owner whether a given ppa
is suitable as a source for binary copies to the Ubuntu archive (and by
default it isn't), I've used the packages here as a guide for replaying the
bootstrap in the main archive. phpunit 9.x is now built in the main


and as soon as it publishes and php-phpspec-prophecy-phpunit +
php-codecoverage have had a chance to rebuild, I believe I'll be able to
copy back the newer synced packages to hirsute-proposed to let them all

> Once that phpunit is happily in the archive, I believe the remainder of
> the phpunit stack should be able to be rebuilt, and then phpunit 9.5
> could be re-introduced and hopefully complete the phpunit transition.

> Neither RAOF or I have worked on phpunit previously, and we're not
> certain that this is the proper approach, so would appreciate a thumb's
> up or course correction from Vorlon, Xnox, etc., before we actually do
> it. Is this a sensible path?

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