Friday, 9 July 2021

+1 maintenance report

This week was my +1 maintenance shift, and I was shadowed by Athos (who
will send a separate report).

Here's what I did.

* Retriggers

I did a lot of retriggers over the week, including one for libreoffice
that was repeated (sorry). The list below contains all of the
retriggers that passed, and a few of the failures (I did not include all

Package: hg-git [impish/i386]
Triggers: hg-git/0.10.1-1
Status: FAILED

Package: volatildap [impish/amd64]
Package: volatildap [impish/arm64]
Package: volatildap [impish/armhf]
Package: volatildap [impish/ppc64el]
Package: volatildap [impish/s390x]
Triggers: setuptools/52.0.0-4 openldap/2.5.5+dfsg-1~exp1ubuntu1
Status: PASSED

Package: reprotest [impish/arm64]
Package: python-fakeredis [impish/arm64]
Triggers: setuptools/52.0.0-4
Status: PASSED

Package: ruby-diaspora-federation [impish/i386]
Triggers: ruby-diaspora-federation/0.2.6-4
Status: FAILED

Package: debos [impish/amd64]
Triggers: debos/1.0.0+git20201203.e939090-4 nftables/0.9.8-3
samba/2:4.13.5+dfsg-2ubuntu2 qemu/1:5.2+dfsg-9ubuntu3
libreswan/3.32-3ubuntu3 suricata/1:6.0.1-2 glibc/2.33-0ubuntu8
Status: FAILED

Package: asymptote [impish/armhf]
Triggers: mesa/21.1.4-1 asymptote/2.70+ds-2 llvm-toolchain-12/1:12.0.1~+rc4-1
Status: PASSED

Package: node-millstone [impish/amd64]
Triggers: nodejs/12.21.0~dfsg-5ubuntu1
Status: FAILED

Package: node-redis [impish/amd64]
Triggers: nodejs/12.21.0~dfsg-5ubuntu1
Status: PASSED

Package: picolibc [impish/amd64]
Triggers: picolibc/1.7-1
Status: FAILED

Package: glibc [impish/amd64]
Triggers: linux-meta-oracle/
Status: PASSED

Package: delve [impish/amd64]
Triggers: delve/1.6.1-1
Status: PASSED

Package: golang-github-keltia-archive [impish/arm64]
Package: golang-github-getkin-kin-openapi [impish/arm64]
Package: golang-github-bep-go-tocss [impish/ppc64el]
Package: golang-github-schollz-progressbar [impish/arm64]
Package: golang-github-schollz-progressbar [impish/armhf]
Package: golang-github-schollz-progressbar [impish/ppc64el]
Package: golang-github-keltia-archive [impish/ppc64el]
Package: golang-github-keltia-archive [impish/s390x]
Package: golang-github-schollz-progressbar [impish/s390x]
Triggers: golang-testify/1.6.1-2
Status: PASSED

Package: awesome [impish/armhf]
Package: ubuntu-release-upgrader [impish/armhf]
Triggers: xorg-server/2:1.20.11-1ubuntu2 xorgxrdp/1:0.2.15-1
Status: PASSED

Package: django-ldapdb [impish/armhf]
Triggers: setuptools/52.0.0-4 openldap/2.5.5+dfsg-1~exp1ubuntu1
Status: PASSED

Package: acpi-call [impish/arm64]
Triggers: linux-meta-raspi/
linux-raspi/5.11.0-1014.15+21.10.1 acpi-call/1.1.0-6
Status: PASSED

Package: munin [impish/armhf]
Triggers: systemd/248.3-1ubuntu2 clevis/16-2 conntrack-tools/1:1.4.6-2
debootstrap/1.0.124 dns-root-data/2021011101 dpdk/20.11.1-1
dq/20181021-1 gpsd/3.22-3 hddemux/0.4-7ubuntu2
libreswan/3.32-3ubuntu3 libvirt-dbus/1.4.0-2ubuntu1 nagios-tang/7-2 nftables/0.9.8-3 nix/2.3.10+dfsg1-1
pystemd/0.7.0-4build2 python-dbusmock/0.23.0-1 runit/2.1.2-40ubuntu2
samba/2:4.13.5+dfsg-2ubuntu2 suricata/1:6.0.1-2 tang/8-3
tinyssh/20190101-1build1 webhook/2.6.9-1build2
Status: PASSED

Package: mir [impish/ppc64el]
Triggers: wlcs/1.3.0-1
Status: PASSED

Package: ruby-webmock [impish/arm64]
Triggers: ruby-addressable/2.7.0-2
Status: PASSED

Package: booth [impish/ppc64el]
Triggers: crmsh/4.2.0-4ubuntu2
Status: PASSED

Package: pcs [impish/amd64]
Package: pcs [impish/arm64]
Package: pcs [impish/ppc64el]
Package: pcs [impish/s390x]
Triggers: fence-agents/4.7.1-1ubuntu5
Status: PASSED

Package: crmsh [impish/amd64]
Package: crmsh [impish/arm64]
Package: crmsh [impish/ppc64el]
Package: crmsh [impish/s390x]
Triggers: openssh/1:8.4p1-5ubuntu2
Status: PASSED

* Rebuilds & syncs

I did a few rebuilds and syncs.

Package: rustc 1.51.0+dfsg1+llvm-1~exp3ubuntu1 riscv64

Package: mesa 21.1.4-1 riscv64

Package: kldap 21.04.3-0ubuntu1 riscv64 (this will likely unblock openldap).
Update: it didn't unblock openldap.

Package: akonadi-calendar 4:21.04.3-0ubuntu1 riscv64

Package: golang-github-hillu-go-yara sync'ed from experimental (trying
to unblock yara)

* Investigation

I spent a lot of time investigating several failures and interesting
cases. Here are my notes.

Package: openldap

*** The package and its dependencies are sorted out and everything is
just waiting for gnome-shell et al to become installable.

*** I've been talking to the Desktop team and I know they're on it.

*** Unfortunately the week has finished and openldap is still stuck.
This is my top priority right now so I'll keep working on it next

Package: hg-git

*** Failing on i386.

*** mercurial-git:i386 uninstallable. Not sure why it's trying to
install the arch-dependent version of it.

*** MP filed:

*** MP accepted. Package migrated.

Package: sbcl

*** Failing on arm64 (SEGV)

*** See cl-xmls.

Package: pcs

*** Failing due to how corosync names nodes.

*** MP filed:

*** MP accepted. Package uploaded and migrated.

Package: crmsh

*** Likewise.

*** MP filed:

*** MP accepted. Package uploaded and migrated.

Package: cl-xmls

*** Started investigating, but then stumbled upon

*** I'd like to continue the investigative work, but Canonistack is not

*** I finally got access to another armhf machine I can use, but I don't
have more time to investigate this.

Package: golang-github-uber-go-atomic

*** Package is FTBFS due to a testsuite problem when building with
Golang 1.16.

*** Upstream has a fix for it, which is included in the latest release
(not packaged yet).

*** I took the opportunity to update the package on Debian, which will
automatically bring the fix to Ubuntu.

*** This will ultimately unblock golang-testify, which has been stuck
for 60 days.

*** The update fixed the problem for most architectures, but armhf is
now failing with another error. PR filed:

*** I found a workaround, testing now.

*** The workaround doesn't work. I reported a bug at
and tagged it as =update-excuse=.

*** Upstream came up with a fix. I've backported it to the Debian
package and uploaded it. It should be sync'ed to Ubuntu in the
following hours, and then the package should finally unblock the
migration of golang-testify.

Package: picolibc

*** A strange problem is going on with picolibc, specifically the
aarch64 cross library that is generated.

*** The problem doesn't manifest on Debian.

*** I can make the aarch64 compilation "pass" when I provide the
=-nostdlib= flag to GCC.

*** Pinged doko about it. I'll check if he has any ideas before I dive
deep into the problem.

*** I don't have more time to investigate, so I'm leaving the problem as-is.

Package: gnome-shell

*** This upload is important because it will unblock a lot of openldap

*** The s390x build is missing. Upon investigation, I noticed that gtk4
hadn't been built for s390x on hirsute, and we still don't have the
s390x binaries on impish. I am checking whether it's possible to
rebuild the package.

*** Rebuilding gtk4 still yields the same error on s390x.

*** As I mentioned above, the Desktop team is on this one, so I'm not
spending more time on it.

Package: gstreamer & libcamera

*** libcamera is FTBFSing because gstreamer is using a deprecated


*** MP filed:

*** Upon seb128's request I forwarded the patch to Debian.

*** Heather Ellsworth found that the libcamera built using this new
gstreamer1.0 segfaults. This will require more invetigative work.
Unfortunately I don't have more time to dedicate to this.

* Problems

Here are the problems I faced while working this week.

** I'm unable to reserve any machine on Canonistack. Filed an RT ticket

*** Still nothing.


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