Tuesday, 12 October 2021

git-ubuntu URL changes

Dear Ubuntu Developers,

I will shortly move all git-ubuntu imported repositories to their own
team (~git-ubuntu-import).

This should not affect you provided that you used "git ubuntu clone" to
clone a repository using git-ubuntu >= 1.0, or if you used the canonical
URL of the form:


If you used a pre-1.0 version of git-ubuntu, or a team-specific URL of
the form:


then references will need to be updated to use the canonical URL above.

Alternatively you can replace ~usd-import-team with ~git-ubuntu-import,
but only from the point when I make the change for that particular
repository. However I suggest you use the canonical form above anyway,
to remain independent of the repository owner. In Launchpad, we make the
git-ubuntu repositories the default for Ubuntu packages in this way.

If you do need to update your URLs, I believe that just adjusting them
in .git/config should suffice.

I'm making this change in order to separate the ownership/management of
the repositories from the development of git-ubuntu itself. This should
help prevent accidental pushes to the official import repositories,
since only the importer should normally be doing that.