Friday, 8 October 2021

Plus one maintenance report


This week some unplanned things came up and I was not able to be dedicated full time to my +1 maintenance duty. Moreover, since we reached the final freeze there were more complex issues to tackle which would require more time. Below you can find a summary of what I managed to do.

# golang-github-containers-common (migrated)

Re-triggered tests against the correct libpod version in all non-amd64 architectures.

# thin (migrated)

Sergio proposed a fix upstream and it was waiting for their feedback but got none so far. Approved Sergio's MP and asked him to upload it as a delta for now.

# ruby-chef-utils (migrated)

This FTBFS is caused by the outdated version of ruby-fauxhai. The JSON files to represent the several platform families were outdated, and then it was trying to download the new ones from Github. ruby-fauxhai was updated in Debian to version 7.5.0 and synced into Ubuntu, which fixes the issue. As a consequence of now having ruby-chef-utils built, the FTBFes of ruby-chef-config and ohai were fixed as well.

# libpandoc-wrapper-perl

This package has a block-proposed bug since Groovy because upstream does not support the pandoc version we have in the archive. I checked if there is any upstream movement to fix this but they seem dead (last commit was more than 2 years and a half ago). We may want to remove libpandoc-wrapper-perl and libpandoc-elements-perl from impish-proposed, they do not seem to get fixed any time soon.

Have a great weekend!

Lucas Kanashiro.