Friday, 1 October 2021

Re: +1 Maintenance Report

Christian Ehrhardt wrote on 01/10/2021:
> # Help
> Gladly this week Paride was so kind to help me and pick a few more +1 tasks.
> That way some more than what I managed to resolve got done. I assume he will
> reply to this thread with his own content he worked on this week.
> Thanks @paride!

I basically worked on two cases:

# ulfius autopkgtest fail

The ulfius autopkgtest were failing on all the archs. After
investigating (thanks Christian for the help there) the issue turned out
to be with IPv6 testing: the autopkgtest testbed set the http_proxy env
variable but doesn't add ::1 to no_proxy. I filed LP: #1945634 about it,
hoping for a simple fix on the autopkgtest infra, but it turns out it
isn't really simple (LP: #1908136).

In any case the bug can serve as a reference bug for packages affected
by the same issue. I left the update-excuse tag so when bug tasks are
added it will show up in update_excuses.

I patched the ulfius autopkgtest (debdiff attached to the bug); the
patch is simple and should easily apply to other cases.

ulfius 2.7.1-3ubuntu1 migrated.

# mpv autopkgtest fail

mpv 0.33.1-1ubuntu1 was regressing the python-mpv autopkgtests on
ppc64el. I identified this as a race condition in the upstream test
suite, where an arbitrary sleep() is present. I filed an upstream issue
and PR [1,2], and applied the patch as an Ubuntu delta for now.

Before uploading the package the fix was tested on the actual
autopkgtest infra using a "testing against a PPA" trigger [3].

mpv 0.33.1-1ubuntu1 migrated.

# Tooling work

For $reasons I recently converted /var/lib/schroot to ZFS, but the naive
approach (create dataset && copy stuff over && rename) didn't work as
ZFS doesn't support overlay mounts (LP: #1718761), so my type=directory
schroots didn't work anymore.

I wanted to recreate them as type=zfs-snapshot schroots, so I patched
mk-sbuild to add support for them:

(currently in Needs Review state). Once I get review/feedback on this
I'll add something similar to sbuild-launchpad-chroot.



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