Monday, 22 November 2021

Re: liburing1 -> liburing2 transition

Simon Chopin wrote on 19/11/2021:
> Hi Paride!
> Quoting Paride Legovini (2021-11-19 15:23:57)
>> Hi -devel,
>> Next week me and Utkarsh will start the transition from liburing1 to
>> liburing2.
>> This will be a small transition, only affecting the following packages:
>> Package: qemu
>> Package: samba
>> Package: mpd
>> Package: plocate
>> Package: mariadb-10.6
> This one will also be in the upcoming OpenSSL transition :/
> I haven't filed a bug yet as it's in universe (I think I'll just script
> it) but it FTBFS against libssl3:
> There's some very recent activity upstream on that front:
> As far as I understand it, this last patch is still being reviewed.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the heads-up! Speaking of these transitions we probably do
not need to worry about mariadb-10.6 too much, as the package never left
jammy-proposed. We're still going to check that it builds against
liburing2, but it has several other issues to be sorted out before

Indeed the package is not listed by reverse-depends:

$ reverse-depends -b src:liburing

* mpd (for liburing-dev)

* plocate (for liburing-dev)

* qemu (for liburing-dev)

* samba (for liburing-dev)


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