Monday, 15 August 2022

+1 maintenance report: 2022-08-08 through 2022-08-12

I started looking at some ffmpeg 5 rdeps, and moved on to pytest and others.
I subscribed to the Debian tracker for all packages where I introduced
delta, so I can sync them when Debian incorporates the changes or
fixes the issue in some other way, or keep merging.

# audacity
ftbfs with libavcodec59
Audacity was removed from debian testing on August 8th, 2022
Debian RC bug:
Filed Ubuntu bug:
Latest upstream is 3.1.3, released in December 23rd, 2021. Does not
have ffmpeg 5.0 patches
FFmpeg 5.0 support:

Upgrading audacity to 3.1.x requires wxwidgets >= 3.1.x
Needs debian to accept wxwidgets 3.2, then we can update audacity to
3.1.x and apply patch to fix build with ffmpeg 5.0
ITP bug for wxwidgets3.2:
wxwidgets 3.2.0 was just released
and is in the debian NEW queue:

Summary: first wxwidgets 3.2, then update audacity to 3.1.3+, and then
apply the ffmpeg5 patches if they are not released yed.
Plan B: try to backport the ffmpeg5.0 patches from that github PR into
the old audacity version we have.

# pytest
I closed
as pygments and pytest are in the archive (pytest still in
kinetic-proposed only, due to introducing regressions in a few other

pytest 7.1.2-2 induced regressions:
pygmsh pygmsh/7.1.17-2 7.1.17 is latest upstream release
segfault during test
pygmsh -> gmsh -> (opencascade transition) -> netgen FTBFS with new opencascade
netgen uploaded and fixed via
rebuild of netgen and gmsh needed. gmsh rebuild done:
netgen upstream patch to fix ftbfs with new opencascade:
debian bug for above:
Filed ubuntu bug:,
uploaded package to kinetic
Forwarded to debian via Salsa PR:

pytest DEP8 error:
unittests-3 FAIL stderr: lsof version information:
In debian it doesn't fail because lsof is not installed
Uploaded to
ubuntu, forwarded fix to debian via Salsa PR:

# netgen
to fix ftbfs with new opencascade
FTBFS bug:
Forwarded to debian via salsa pr:

# deal.ii
Failed test with new opencascade
It needs a no-change rebuild with new opencascade.
Done via
Failed on riscv64, where it takes about a day and a half to build.
Currently rebuilding again. I don't have the log of the previous build
anymore, but it looks like the compiler was killed. Maybe due to a
timeout limit, or an OOM issue.

# kicad
Rebuild with new opencascade:

# gmsh
Rebuild with new opencascade:

# Misc retries
Retries for failed dep8 tests under psmisc:
booth arm64
drumkv1 armhf
openmsx-catapult armhd
All passed.
Some other random retries
zarr armhf
tiff/libreoffice on armhf

# tiff component mismatch
New debian upload enabled lerc support, which is in universe and
triggered a component mismatch.
I filed
before finding an existing MIR for it, and uploaded a delta which
removes lerc support from the ubuntu package:
I subscribed to the MIR bug at
and am ready to undo the delta once that is approved, if noone beats
me to it.

# pax-utils
lddtree switched from sh to py, it's missing python dependencies. I
filed, and
submitted a salsa PR at
I uploaded
to kinetic, and just saw that the salsa PR was merged, so I'm ready to
sync the package again as soon as launchpad ingests the new debian

# freecad
Our delta is no more needed in the latest debian upload, so I synced
the package:
The newer version was needed to fix an ftbfs with opencascade 7.6.
It's currently failing dep8.

# python-etelemetry
It's failing DEP8 test, but there are bigger problems. It seems to
require a server that has been offline for quite some months now:
First public hint about it is this github issue that was filed in Aug
There is a PR from Feb 2022 to allow for custom endpoints which could
perhaps be used to not depend on that hardcoded MIT server:
I filed
and but I
don't have a real solution.

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