Monday, 26 September 2022

+1 Maintenance Report

Hi everyone,

I was on +1 maintenance for last week (2022-09-19 to 2022-09-23). This
time it is easy to summary the things I worked on: audacity. audacity
needs an update to 3.2.0 to work with FFmpeg 5.0. While working on it, I
noticed some issues around the cmake build system and it took some time
to investigate and learn more about cmake.

The rpath for the private libraries were wrong. The solution is to use
'install' for the libraries instead of just copying them:

audacity stripped the debug information on its own even for

I still need to do some bits before uploading audacity 3.2.0+dfsg-1 to
Debian unstable and request a FFe. The current status is in the master-
next branch:

Benjamin Drung
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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