Monday, 28 November 2022

Call for testing: NetworkManager YAML settings

Hello folks,

This is Lukas Märdian, a software engineer for the Ubuntu Foundations team.
I have been working on integrating NetworkManager's settings plugin with
Netplan's YAML schema, using libnetplan. We'd like to ask the community to help
test our prototype of this integration on a wide variety of networking setups.

=> Please see Discourse for detailed backup, recovery and testing instructions:


=== Rationale and background information === is the "single source of truth" for controlling Ubuntu's networking
stack, i.e. you can find all the information about your network configuration in
/etc/netplan/ (or using `sudo netplan get`) on Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud
images, Ubuntu Core IoT, etc ...
On Ubuntu Desktop OTOH we're deviating a bit from this approach, as
NetworkManager instead stores its "keyfile" settings in
This is what we want to unify!

In the past, Netplan used a mostly single-sided "generator" approach, i.e.

1/ setup your configuration in /etc/netplan/ (or using sudo netplan set)
2/ call netplan apply to generate settings and configure the backend(s),
like systemd-networkd, NetworkManager, Open vSwitch, ...

This is now changing as NetworkManager on Ubuntu Desktop needs to be able to
feed back information to Netplan's YAML config (e.g. a WiFi password that was
changed in NetworkManager's settings UI). Therefore, we need a bidirectional
integration where NetworkManager can talk to Netplan and vice versa.

In addition to standard WiFi and ethernet connections, we'd like to ask the
community to test a wide variety of networking setups, as we cannot reproduce
all the different setups that any of you might encounter in their daily lifes.
Including, but not limited to:

* Enterprise WiFi (e.g. eduroam)
* WWAN (gsm/cdma modem connections)
* WiFi AP mode (Fat, Fit, Cloud - and switching between them)
* Different types of VPN connections (IPSec, WireGuard, VPNC, …)
* Composite devices, like bridges or bonds
* Virtual VLAN and Tunnel devices
* DHCP address assignment (both IPv4 and IPv6)
* Static IP assignment (both IPv4 and IPv6)
* Shared network connectivity

Please let us know about your experience using the NetworkManager+Netplan
prototype, be it positive or negative. Your feedback is highly appreciated!
Try to describe the setup you've been testing in detail and present any problems
that might have occurred. Thanks!


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