Monday, 6 February 2023

+1 Maintenance Report


Amin and I did a +1 maintenance rotation last week.

The huge python3.11-as-default transition slowed down work that wasn't
getting the transition through. But the transition finished on Friday!

- Adapted veyon so that it would build with our older procps packaging:
- Requested that procps be updated so that we can drop that workaround
and allow building other packages.

- Got dialect & gnome-shell-extension-manager removed on s390x on
Debian and filed removal bugs in Ubuntu. More details at
- Filed a few more Ubuntu s390x removal bugs:

- Reported to the trompeloeil-cpp maintainer that it didn't build
without Internet access which he quickly fixed.
- Manually retried the builds for some rust-* packages. Debian Rust
packaging build-depends use virtual package names (Provides: ).
Launchpad doesn't notice the new virtual package names so it doesn't
retry the build when it's technically no longer in depwait status.
This is a common task for Rust packages but rare for other packages. I
just go down the list at and verify
that I understand why rust- packages aren't built yet.

- Filed to request that jpeg-xl be
built on i386 to unblock the imlib2 build there. But google-perftools
has a test failure on Ubuntu's i386 so the build is still blocked.
- Started the tiff transition which quickly migrated smoothly
- Did a bunch of rebuilds for the ongoing icu and tiff transitions

- as part of my first +1 maintenance rotation, I prepared and sent
patches to unblock a few -proposed migrations:

- httpdirfs-fuse: fix build on architectures where undefined
behaviour sanitizer is not supported[1]
- roundcube: fix short date test before and after ICU 72.1[2]
- selint: depend on 'valgrind-if-available' and skip tests that
need valgrind on problematic arches[4]


Thank you,
Jeremy Bícha

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