Friday, 10 March 2023

Re: Fwd: +1 Maintenance report

On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 10:38:12PM +1300, Vladimir Petko wrote:
> radare2-cutter vs radare2: radare2-cutter was failing to build due to
> missing radare2.radare2 was removed due to obsolete dependency,
> freebsd-glue. freebsd-glue was removed by Alex Murray and radare2 was
> reuploaded. The package is in the upload queue. Once it is uploaded,
> we can rebuild the radare2-cutter.

Accepted, thanks!

> nvda2speechd: package accesses the internet during the build and is
> located in a non-free pocket. Raised a removal bug.

Removed with prejudice.

> nthash vs btllib: deadlock in btllib tests on armhf prevents the
> package from building successfully. The deadlock happens because of an
> integer overflow in the wait() condition. Documented finding in the
> bug

As an aside, it appears card has dropped support for using the system nthash
package because of its reduced portability. So if we do get this resolved,
we may want to let the Debian maintainers know they can revert that change.

> node-registry-url vs node-package-json: looks like a generic issue -
> nodejs tests use the HTTP agent that does not support proxy[2].
> autopkgtests only allow access through the proxy to external
> resources. Probably an infrastructure question, whether package tests
> flagged 'needs-internet' should have direct access.

They don't get direct access, so the only real question is whether we
automatically skip all packages that ask for Internet access, or if we
instead manually mark as bad tests those that have requirements our testbeds
don't meet. We can have the discussion with Debian about whether to have a
more nuanced distinction between a 'needs-internet' restriction and a
'fails-to-honor-proxy' restriction, but that's certain to be longer-term.

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