Wednesday, 26 April 2023

git-ubuntu staged uploads


Currently, a merge proposal of a branch against the git-ubuntu
repository for an Ubuntu package is tightly coupled to the upload of the
branch after it is approved. But uploading a package triggers additional
process which isn't always desirable. Ubuntu developers would like to
stage branches without uploading them immediately. Other Ubuntu
developers could then build upon these branches and upload from them in
the future when appropriate.

Full proposal here:

In particular, please note the following social changes that we would
need to accept:

* An Ubuntu developer who chooses to push a particular change to a
staging branch shall take responsibility for that change as if they
uploaded it themselves.

* Uploads to the staging branch for a stable release should only be
made for the purpose of staging SRUs and only after associated SRU
process requirements (eg. SRU documentation in bugs) have been prepared.

* Ubuntu developers who upload any changes to a package to Ubuntu
should endeavour to incorporate any changes previously staged by other
Ubuntu developers. However, such incorporation may not always happen. In
this case, it will be up to those who had previously staged changes to
rebase them and/or upload themselves as required.

Feedback appreciated!